What is Resin Bound Stone Used For?

The resin bound stone is used for paving a path. It not only looks good but can also be very durable. It is easy to install and no matter how complex and big scale project is, the resin bound stones can be perfect ingredient for the project.
It is true for each and every project that any construction is only perfectly done when the finishing touches of the construction is done with meticulous planning and preparation. The same is true for the resin bound stone paving. A lot of care must be taken for the preparation of the base so that the strength and also the load carrying capacity of the surface are enhanced to its maximum level.

resin-bound-stone-drivewayThe base of the pavement could be the old and the existing surface made with asphalt and concrete or a new one made with the same materials. The base must be laid on a sub base that is prepared earlier. The base must be laid in a level and the top resin bound surface can be smoothened of all the minor irregularities. The resin bound stone will take at least 10mm of thickness and thus there should be an edge restraint in place. These edge restraints can either be the kerb units or the conventional edgings. Once the base is ready with the edgings, the resin bound stones can be used on the paving surface.

(image courtesy of Flexflooring resin bonded driveways specialists)

What is resin?
Resin is a blend of two different components and also contains a special hardening agent. This hardening agent will determine the working time requirement. The combination of two materials along with the resin is mixed according to the required parameters of the construction. For instance, some of the leaders in the resin bound stone suppliers provide several different choices in terms of textures and colors so that they can be used for a variety of different projects.

Once the resin material is ready for use, it can be spread on the base with the help of a lute and then given a uniform level to the base. Once the resin bound stone is installed, the pavement will be ready to use by the public within the next 6 hours. The road with resin bound stones can be ready to use by vehicles and traffic in the next 16 hours.

Once the installation and the curing process of the pavement are over, the resultant pavement will have a long span of life with basic maintenance. There are several benefits of using resin bound stones on the road and the pavements since not much maintenance is required and it is resistant to crack, oiling, frost damage, and also UV light. The integrity of the resin bound stone is such that it will remain intact which will prevent the stones from cracking. This will prevent the weeds and small plants to grow from the within.

If the construction project is a big one, you can hire skilled installation technicians and professional experts. However if the project is a small one, you can look for the DIY kits that are easily available in the market.

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